Things that Change when we Become Parents

We all know our lives will change when we become parents. However, I truly believe that you cannot comprehend the extent to which it will change until you actually bring that little bundle of squirming joy home. Here is my personal list of changes. These may or may not apply for everyone, but from my friends with kids they each have experienced these to one extent or another. Read more »

Why Does Everyone Hate Mondays?

Cheer Up Mr Goblin

I recently over heard a co-worker on the phone replying to a question I didn’t hear, “Not bad for a Monday.” Undoubtedly the question was something to the effect of “How are you?” And his response is one I am familiar with, having heard several variations thereof over the course of my 10+ years in Corporate America. Why do we hate Mondays? There are even songs about it! (Bangles, The Mamas and The Papas) Read more »

Jumping on the Green Bandwagon

My Earth Day Post

On my last two visits to Quizno’s I noticed they have changed the way they wrap their sandwiches for carry-out. Normally this kind of thing wouldn’t garner a second thought from me, but the new way they are wrapping their sandwiches is somewhat annoying to me. So I looked into it and discovered Quizno’s is trying to “be green.”

I happen to be something of a sandwich lover. Turkey sandwiches to be specific. So you will regularly see me at Subway, Togo’s, or as in the case today, Quizno’s. Read more »

How Motherhood makes you a Better Employee

Woman Playfully Posing in Front of Binder Shelf

As I was chasing after my daughter yesterday to retrieve some item she pulled out of my purse I thought about all the skills I have acquired since I became a mother. My reflexes have become near lightning quick in order to stop potential disasters as well as to keep up with the super human speed at which my 2 year old can move when trying to escape me. My sense of hearing is near bionic. I can hear my daughter cry, whimper, or get into trouble from several rooms away. The list goes on…

Then I began thinking about a conversation I had earlier that day with my new boss. She and I had agreed that we liked to jump in and tackle an assignment and get it done sooner rather than later. I realized that I had not always been like that. I used to thrive under the pressure of a deadline (still do), but now I prefer to just get the work done and out of the way. What changed? I believe it was becoming a mother that changed me. Read more »

You are Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

I recently read an article on

about how annoying men can be when they are sick. This struck a chord with me because my man can’t seem to do anything while he is sick; meanwhile I carry on and am expected to take of our daughter like nothing is wrong. (Just to be fair, the last time I was sick my hubby was absolutely wonderful to me and helped out extra without being asked.) But the point is, when HE is sick the world stops and reading that article made me feel just a little bit better about it because I was not alone in being married to “cold wuss”. Read more »

Work-Home Balance and Lunch

I started pushing my lunches later and later about four or five years ago. The theory was that the afternoon would seem shorter and 5 o’clock would come sooner. Now that I am in a new job, one I actually like, I am still eating lunch later but for completely different reasons. I am enjoying what I am doing so much that I lose track of time and before I know it, its 1 o’clock. But this brings up the flip side, the afternoon seems shorter. So the day is already flying by in the morning so much that I don’t realize it’s lunch, and then once I finish lunch the day is pretty much gone, and before I blink it’s 5.

Normally this would be a good thing. Read more »

A New Job!

I have a new job!

I am so excited about this job. So far every aspect seems perfectly suited to me. I truly believe that the self-discovery I did earlier in the year helped me in finding a job that is such a great fit.

If you have the time, even if you are employed, I highly recommend it.

And now that I am employed, will my blogging slow down? At this rate I don’t think I could possibly post less without  stopping altogether, and that is not going to happen.

Finding the Silver Lining

Being out of work has been a blessing in disguise for me. I have done quite a bit of work on self-discovery, something I wouldn’t have ever had time for previously. One of my favorite blogs is The Happiness Project

, I subscribe to via RSS. They recently had a blog post listing ways to feel happy when you lost your job . My husband and I are working on clearing our clutter. This again is something I wouldn’t have time for if I were working. It feels so good to have a clean and decluttered house. I feel like I can get more done. There seems to be less stress too. Read more »

New Year = New Outlook

I have decided that 2010 will be a good year.

 After all, having a positive attitude goes a long way, right?

Things are beginning to look up. I’ve had several good “bites” and eventually one of them will have to turn into something. The key is to find something I’m good at, and I will enjoy. I’ve had jobs I enjoyed but they were not a good fit, and I’ve had jobs that were good fits but I did not enjoy. So how do I ensure I get both in my next job? Read more »

Retail Sales Investigation – Part 2

I must admit that I was wrong about retail world on one count and completely correct on another. While I did enjoy the work, the helping people, and working with products I liked; I underestimated myself in regards to my capability of being a store manager. The managers and assistant managers I work with are amazing. They have way more on their plates than I imagined, and the behind the scenes work is intense. The first time I helped after hours I realized I could be in over my head.

Don’t get me wrong, I plan on sticking it out and seeing if I can work my way up. I learn fast and if I apply myself I am sure I can make it. But I plan on sticking it out at only one of the two. Read more »

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