From Marketer to Mommy and Back Again

Hello, it's meHi! You are probably wondering why in the world you should take time out of your day to read this blog. I’m wondering the same thing, sort of. If you are anything like me you are super busy. But if you are anything like me, this blog will probably have lots of juicy information you will enjoy soaking up. So I guess I’m wondering if you are like me. What am I like? Here’s a little bit of background about me.

I have loved marketing from an early age. I recall going to an event with my father, who owned his own consulting business, and filling out a form on which I listed myself as the Vice President of Marketing at his company. I took a huge demotion after that when I started my first job. I enjoy reading marketing blogs and articles and keeping up with the latest marketing trends, it is truly a big part of who I am. (more…)

Things that Change when we Become Parents

We all know our lives will change when we become parents. However, I truly believe that you cannot comprehend the extent to which it will change until you actually bring that little bundle of squirming joy home. Here is my personal list of changes. These may or may not apply for everyone, but from my friends with kids they each have experienced these to one extent or another. (more…)